Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision

Our vision is to contribute to the creation of a sustainable world in which the goals of human security, the well-being of populations, and climate change mitigation are all tackled together. We aim to hope to break and prevent cycles of climate change, environmental destruction, and conflict by ensuring that those communities who are most vulnerable receive the most support. We recognize we are working among a global network of institutions, organizations, and individuals with similar goals. Our contribution to this shared mission is in identifying locations where climate impacts will most likely lead to escalating conflict—in time to prevent it. To do so, we plan to

  • Identify precise subnational locations that are most vulnerable,
  • Communicate these locations and their needs broadly to stakeholders, and
  • Engage in and promote the most cost-effective and empowering environmental peacebuilding interventions.

We believe this approach will bridge current critical gaps in environmental conflict prediction and assessment of effective interventions, helping the international community further target existing resources and leverage additional funds for this important work.