CEPB’s Upcoming Programs

Tools & Community for Expanding your Impact

Thanks for checking out our upcoming programs! We hope you’ll find something of value in them that enables you to push past your obstacles and reach your full potential, while staying healthy, happy and well. We’re excited for your camaraderie! Here’s how you can get involved:

Pre-register to join our Climate Impact Incubator.

We have developed an incubator program designed to enable climate activists, ecopreneurs, donors and impact investors to learn exactly what they need to expand their vision, repertoire of tools, financial resources, and impact.  It includes three live recorded zoom calls per week, virtual office hours, action templates for practicing new strategies, and begins with the following four amazing month-long modules:

  • How to Survive and Thrive in a World on the Edge
  • How to Spark Massive Transformation Toward a Just Sustainable World
  • How to Finance Your Carbon Drawdown Dream Projects by Building the Solidarity Economy
  • How to Break Free Without Breaking


The modules include course material on mental health through the lens of liberation and resilience, theories of change and winning strategies of some of the most powerful recent social movements, and strategies for financing impactful projects through solidarity economy practices. If you want to guarantee a spot by pre-registering before the platform goes live, click here to schedule a 1:1 and we’ll see if the program is a good fit for your interests. Contact team@cepb.ngo for additional details.

We’ve done a ton to empower local activists and partner organizations to achieve their big goals. If you want to be a “super activist” like our team member Max, achieve climate commitments from state leaders, organize national campaigns or achieve your own big dreams with unconditional support from an indomitable team of empathetic and unique climate leaders, the impact incubator could be a good fit for you.  

Join our sharing circle.

Do you share our passion for making a difference, our loyalty to others in mission, and our responsibility and love for people and the planet? If so, you probably know how amazing and rare it is to be around people who nourish those feelings and encourage you. We aim to change that: We want to create space for collaborating with you, sharing encouragement and support, creating mutual accountability toward our goals, supporting each other through advocacy and outreach, and empowering one another to better fulfill our missions. The sharing circle includes optional weekly 1:1s for peer counseling and mentorship, facilitated group chat spaces, and occasional fun activities based on the group’s interests. You can expect 1:1s right after signing up, and group activities as soon as the first few folx have joined. To join, click here to schedule a 1:1 and we’ll see if the sharing circle is a good fit for your interests. Contact team@cepb.ngo for additional details.

Become a member of our cooperative investment fund.

We’re in the process of developing a cooperative investment fund. We aim to remove some of the biggest obstacles communities face to developing their own locally led climate mitigation and adaptation projects by enabling access to solidarity economy investments that generate a financial return. We believe that such a fund will allow us to better support the resilience-building work of our amazing locally led partner organizations while holding ourselves and our funders accountable to their needs. To learn more and get involved, please click here to schedule a 1:1. Contact team@cepb.ngo for additional details.

Participate in the Community Building Prize.

To help grow these communities quickly, we’ve created a Community Building Prize to share with those who are excited to help spread the word! To help make sure everyone who contributes receives something in return, we are offering $64 per successful referral (eg, you find someone who is a good fit for the program, and they sign up together with you), $32 for referring someone who makes a referral, $16 for referring that person, etc, until each of our programs reaches capacity. To participate in the Community-Building Prize, contact team@cepb.ngo with any questions you have, and we’ll share any materials that might be helpful to you in getting the word out on your platforms.

Apply for financial aid or become a sponsor.

Financial aid is available for our programs on a rolling basis via our sponsorship program. Contact team@cepb.ngo if you are interested in applying for financial aid or sponsoring a participant.

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