Sri Lanka Emergency Health Response

Sri Lanka Health Emergency Response

Sri Lankan hospitals have run out of essential medical supplies. Medical associations have called out for urgent support by the international community.

CEPB is working with the Sri Lankan health officials, community support organizations, medical suppliers and other stakeholders to identify medical officers' most urgent requirements and provide them with needed medical supplies.

Help Us.

If you know someone in a position to coordinate donations of surplus medical supplies from hospitals or medical supply companies, please connect us.

For Medical Supply Donors:

Medical supply donors and advocates can directly contact Binura Perera at
Sri Lanka's medical supply unit and doctors' association have published the below list of needed medical supplies. To access the full list, visit

For Individual Donors:

Individual donations to CEPB translate directly into time that members of our team are able to spend supporting this important effort, not making urgent funding appeals just to keep our work going. Just $25 is enough to fund an hour of high impact coordination calls with hospitals and medical supply companies. Our connections with local doctors and customs officials mean the medical supply donations we coordinate are able to reach local hospitals as quickly as possible, magnifying the impact of each small donation when help is most urgently needed.

Click below to donate. Thank you so much for your support!